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1. new! A La Ma pokochin
2. new! Sid the Kid flegmatical
3. new! CPU's EXPLOSION yerz
4. new! Cloudworlds of Yaga lotekstyle
5. new! rain / i lov lo vi nilsmusic
6. new! Byte Drive digitalbeat
7. new! I hate kidz (Kamikaze rmx) reset
8. new! sock orpheus
9. new! mini_roc
10. new! Random Shooting artificial
11. new! Deep Chip elektrobot
12. new! 8bitsarmy metamorphone
13. new! A Cossack Rides Beyond Space kingboy
14. new! 4BITROCKER schmx
15. new! degenerator flegmatical
16. new! Steps of rage insertjoint
17. new! space trip gwem
18. new! Eat The Blue Shell ez
19. new! technodrome ricozerone
20. new! Mario in Tunesia qbical
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