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Oct 31st 2014
micromusic 15th birthday party

this year, micromusic.net celebrates its 15th anniversary! unbelivable!
it's about time to bring together the amazing musicians and awesom fans from all over the world in switzerland, the country of incorporation, and have a huge party all night long.

Live Stream!!!

artists: Live: bacalao, eat_rabbit, meneo
Movie: Europe in 8 Bits (Javier Polo)
Live: Meneo (GCA) & Eat Rabbit (F) & Bacalao (CH)
VJs: VJ Entter (ESP) & C-Men (NL)
DJs: Stu & Carl & Wanga (CH)

Kraftfeld, Lagerplatz 4, Winterthur, Switzerland

start:  21:00
fee: CHF 15
more info:  http://www.kraftfeld.ch
pictures: [Flyer Kraftfeld]  
Live Stream!!!

Nov 1st 2014
micromusic 15th birthday party

artists: bacalao, eat_rabbit, special guests

Kaschemme, Muttenzerweg, Ecke Lehenmattstrasse, Basel, 4052, Switzerland

more info:  http://www.kaschemme.ch

Nov 8th 2014
Microparty @ l'embobineuse

Micromusic Marseille HQ
artists: Eat rabbit Confipop Jankenpopp Delta sonic Zombectro J+1

L'embobineuse, 11 Boulevard Boues, Marseille, 13003, France

start:  9:00PM
fee: 5
more info:  http://www.lembobineuse.biz/
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