micromeeting 1/00 london

pola scans

impressions from the first micromeeting in london

jk and lektrogirl kri5 asa
flymo lektrogirl and cylob drx
jk and carl guest2 celebs trying to hide their faces
drx and cylob carl cylob, drx and flymo
cylob drx and groupies kri5, lektrogirl, cylob
cyl!k║n_júzu$ asa, cyl!k║n_júzu$, jk guest1, later k-reg

cylob and carl flymo in the tube guest1 (k-reg) and flymo
flymo and cyl!k║n_júzu$ guest1 (k-reg)

lektro @ home drx with his favorite record drx @ the playstation
drx feeding pacman with a chips sandwich drx feeding pacman with indian food cylob eating @ warp9 speed