classic gaming expo las vegas 2001
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8-Bit Weapon rox da console maniax!
Seth aka naughtyboy, Randy Hurst aka Alien Vinyl, and Bridget O'Rell aka Venus

welcome! blip! blip! ponk! druqks ! don't get lost.. flying high! thiz dude had too much pixel pillz.
druqks dealer at work. so vicious junkies! alien vinyl wrapped into da gear. skrewing in da foot. seth with modified c64. seqks! druqks!
8-bit weapon in full effect! thiz dude control space opera! randy dandy at the milk bar

watch the 8-bit weapon band at tech tv!
and read the recapitulation by joe santulli and see more pix.

download clipz of the 8-bit weapon live set:
Mars Saga
Robot Kindergarten