micromusic board @ ars electronica 2001
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check out the action at the electro lobby, ars electronica 2001!
the micromusic board switzerland did play a 30min live set at the electro lobby opening party, brucknerhaus, linz

check out the 30min live cut:
high quality (28MB), low quality (12MB), lowest quality (6MB)

willkommen in linz!fakeover! carl listeningsuperB & carl explaining WHY...wanga shows off
with the gameboy
what was the question again??
e_lobby guru
...closeup drx, eisebs and pozzeeecarli, wanga.wanga, superB swizz microboard
smoker!carl & wanga in actiondo tha scratch!wangaboymaster of playstation
& camera
superBsuperB rockzsuperBcarl againwangain action
the band!level1 - level 2superB??!wanga & carlsuperB rockerdo tha scratch!

carl livelive!crowdmicro_actioncrowdtha art crowd
vizualz1vizualz2xr & ? & carlwanga, hu?xr listens to
uber_lizdr. xnick tha thinkersuperBheavy drinker & friend from hollandsuperB's dessert