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1. new! Interrupt Request sta$d400
2. new! LesAutres célomalabit
3. new! hello pretty ricozerone
4. 34 japanese zombie schoolgirls sportag
5. 27 Rua do Porto 8 bit transdutor
6. 27 Dr Robotnicks puyopuyo
7. new! Left out oxygenstar
8. new! Quantum Kung Fu opg
9. new! ADF44VL4 gijs
10. 9 behind the false smile [microscopic mix] psilodump
11. new! This is the the future calling future-eater
12. new! On my way to the supermarket poki3205
13. new! Medelĺldern (Jonga) valpousta
15. 3 fuck euro techno fuck orange_kid
16. new! spy dtj_moodibbo
17. 2 Cyberstorm acidbeatz
18. 7 Hot Pink Hot Pants farrfromit
19. 15 Corky Goes to the Moon badpioneer
20. new! phoneterror psilodump
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micromusica 2010 - microCCS / Caracas_hq, Caracas

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